Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Mothers' Mafia

I think it's about time I wrote a post about the Mothers' Mafia.  I belong to a group of friends that met (mostly) when we had our first children and were nicknamed the "Mothers' Mafia" (or MM for short) by one of the men.  Let me introduce you to them, in absolutely no particular order:

1. Jo - you know her already.  Mum to A & R (currently our littlest baby) and the only one of us to have two boys!  Very talented designer and all round lovely person.  Oh and she makes a mean gluten free Rocky Road!

2. T - Mum to M & H, one of each.  I met T in hospital as M is only a day younger than Max.  We originally met on the hospital tour (albeit briefly) and I remember waking up on the Friday after having Max (on the Thursday) and thinking that "the lady over there looks awfully familiar".  We swapped numbers and the rest, as they say is history.  We are all currently missing T a lot as she's living in Dubai at the moment.  We've had her back over the summer (too hot in Dubai at the moment - it does have its disadvantages) and only have a couple of weeks before she's got to go back.

3. V - Mum to P & Y, both girls.  V is also Penelope's godmother.  I met V (along with several others) at the local breastfeeding support group when Max was about two weeks old and P was four weeks old.  One of quite the nicest people you're ever likely to meet and currently nicknamed "tiny tears" for her propensity to blub at the merest thought of P starting school.  P and Max will be in the same class which is lovely.

4. K - Mum to C.  I really admire K - she's not afraid to say what she thinks, which is usually a very funny take on something.  She's set up two businesses as well and, in a shameless plug, they are Chloe's Mummy and Little Miss Chloe.  So now you know what C is for! I also met K at breastfeeding group.

5. S - Mum to Z & A, both girls.  We originally met S at breastfeeding group but she didn't become a fully paid up member of the MM until just before she had A.  As we like to tell her the MM has a strict "one in one out" policy!  One of the most genuinely funny and outrageous people I know. 

6. J - Mum to I & S, again both girls (there are a lot of girls within the MM - poor Max is quite outnumbered most of the time!).  Again I met J through breastfeeding.  We don't get to see J as often as we used to, well apart from me who gets to see her every week at Slimming World as she's my consultant.  In the slimming stakes, she is a cut above the rest and is very inspiring.

7. R - Mum to M & W, one of each. R is a fairly recent addition to our group and, like S, added to our number by the open-hearted V.  We laughingly tell R that V is always on the look out for "waifs and strays"!  R takes it in good grace and is lovely to boot.

8. K - Mum to E & S, one of each.  Again a fellow breast feeder and lovely person.  The first of us to take the plunge with number 2, even though E was the youngest of the first babies.  We don't see K very often these days as she has moved away to be nearer to her family and, coincidentally, nearer to mine as well!  

So that's the MM - my saviours in times of need, support in times of stress and companions in all sorts of fun and mischief.  I genuinely don't think I could have got through the last four years without them so THANK YOU GIRLS - Max, Penelope and I love you all xx

For my part I get to be the organiser, I think it's because I'm secretly a bit worried they'd forget about me if I didn't organise things.  The best bit of organisation recently has been organising our inaugural MM spa weekend.  A whole night away in a nice, not-too-local hotel with pampering, dinner and drinking thrown in and without the need to get up with the kids the following morning - bliss.  We've had to delay it this long as we needed to wait until none of us were pregnant or breastfeeding.  It will be interesting to see how the men all cope with the children that weekend!

Fingers crossed they don't object to me writing about them - hopefully I've been nice enough :)

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