Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A brace of bears

I got a bit crafty before Xmas thanks to Jo's pattern and here's four of the bears waiting to meet their new owners

I made seven in total but despite my best intentions they weren't all ready at the same time.  In fact the bears for my nephews J and N were only finished on Boxing Day evening!  To personalise them a bit further I embroidered the name of the recipient round the tail

I had lots of fun doing them but, in my crafting naivety I completely over ordered the stuffing.  Note to self - 3kg of lightweight stuffing is more then enough for seven bears, do not therefore order 6kg!  I barely (if you'll pardon the pun) took the top of the first bag so either I need to make lots more bears or everyone will be getting cushions!

I do enjoy having a project but I'm not very creatively minded and I am genuinely in awe of Jo's talent to make some of the most beautiful things.  Here's the stockings she made for Max and Penelope

I can however follow instructions very well so I just need to get Jo to post some more patterns (hint hint nudge nudge) and I can then craft away.  Perhaps however I could just get Jo to teach me how to make cushions.......

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  1. Loving the polar bears! If you don't want all of that extra insulation in your house I can take the leftover stuffing off your hands no problem!