Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Ok so it's been a while since I posted anything. In my defence we have been away on holiday but that only covers a fortnight's worth of absence. I guess life has just got in the way for the rest of it.....

We went to Dubai for our hols and it was fantastic. We stay with our friends - the fantastic T and M and their lovely kids M and H. Holidaymakers could not want for better hosts. T and M moved to Dubai about 18 months or so ago and an annual visit to Dubai (we went last year too) is a great excuse to see them. I have to admit though that Dubai wouldn't have been on my list of must-go places. It just seems to conjure up images of sand and oil without a great deal to see. If we hadn't been going to see friends then I don't think it would even have registered on our radar as a holiday destination. Yes ok there is a lot of sand but there's also a surprising amount to see.

Alright if you like a lot of old stuff then Dubai isn't the place for you but if you like everything to be a bit over the top then you'll enjoy it. Everything is a bit bigger than you'd expect from the Dubai Mall with its hundreds (possibly even thousands) of shops and a massive aquarium to the Burj Khalifa - currently the world's tallest building.

Here's a few more snaps of some holiday fun

The other benefit to staying with friends (other than the great company) is the fact that if we didn't fancy doing anything then we could lounge around and let the kids watch CBeebies, without being confined to a hotel room. Sometimes doing nothing is nice and relaxing as there's no pressure to be going out and seeing stuff.

The only problem with going again next year (if T and M will have us) is that we'll have to pay for a seat for Penelope. On the other hand at least I'll have a free lap and be able to eat my in-flight meal. Same time next year T??

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