Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Clothing rescue

I have this nice top

That I managed to put a hole in - oops!

Thankfully the hole wasn't in too awkward a place so I decided that I could probably patch it.  I remembered that Jo had posted about embellishing her cardi here.  I mentioned this to her over tea (at playgroup naturally) and she offered the use of her Cath Kidston "Make" book - note to self: must now return book.

Having had a browse through I decided that one patch might look a bit odd but there was a t-shirt in the book embellished with stars.  So I purchased these items

Some white felt, fusible web and some grey embroidery thread.

I then traced some of the stars onto the fusible web

And then cut them out, pinned them to the felt and cut the felt stars out

I cut out one large star (to cover the hole), two medium stars and four small stars - I do like things to be even, random is definitely not my forte!  I then pinned them onto my top to make sure I got the layout right

Ironed them in place (about 10 seconds with a steam iron), having placed a tea towel on the top of the stars to make sure the felt didn't distort with the heat.  To make sure they stayed in place (although the fusible web did a great job) I then blanket stitched round each star

If you're not sure how to do a blanket stitch then it's worth searching Youtube, as there's bound to be a video showing you how to do it - I learnt how to ladder stitch the same way.

So here's the finished article

One top rescued from the rubbish bin :)

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