Wednesday, 27 March 2013

World Book Day Part 2

As you read this I am feeling somewhat disgruntled that Max's school decided not to dress up for World Book Day.  Instead all he had to do was take in one of his favourite books which, needless to say, was of the Lego variety.

Having gone to to the trouble of making a full on "Max" costume, I made Max model it for me just so I could take some photos.  Here he is:

I made the top, trousers and hood from a fleece-y type material.  It was really easy to sew with the added bonus of not requiring hemming.  The crown was made from a cornflakes packet with gold material applied to it using PVA glue and then some fur trim added.  Had Max actually have gone to school like this I would have needed to rework the tail as it was too big and heavy.

On the Saturday following World Book Day I took Max and Penelope to the Trafford Centre (I had to return something that looked much better on the model than on me - a regular occurrence) with the promise of a new book* each from a well known bookstore.  Quite by chance we arrived when a children's author was going to read her new book and the illustrator was doing some accompanying drawings.  So we found ourselves listening to "The Mummy Shop" by Abie Longstaff and illustrated by Lauren Beard.  It's a lovely story and, given that we were there on the day before Mothering Sunday, was entirely appropriate!!  Afterwards they signed Max and Penelope's copy of "The Mummy Shop" and asked if we would like to take one of Lauren's drawings home with us.  Max and Penelope are now the proud owners of their first original artwork.

It has to be said that we have many many books at home and they are one thing that I do not begrudge spending money on.  I love books and hope to instil the same love of books in both Max and Penelope.

*Obviously Max chose a Lego book and Penelope chose a Peppa Pig one - no surprises there for either of them :)

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