Saturday, 10 August 2013

Another Lego Birthday

Max turned 6 just over a month ago.  He and his friend Aidan had a joint birthday party at the Legoland Discovery Centre in the Trafford Centre and then we had a smaller party at home the day after his birthday with a bouncy castle and bbq.

Jo took care of the cake for the joint party

Which meant that I only had to make a cake for the bbq party.  Inspired by one that someone had linked to on Facebook, I made this cake

I used a mould that I purchased from eBay to make the minifigures that run round the outside of the cake and to get the right font for his name I downloaded a free Lego-style font.

I was really pleased with it and, whilst all the adults ooh-ed at it, the children were a bit "whatever" about it - hmmmpph.

I also made a pinata, using the old staple of a balloon and papier mache.  I painted the result green, stuck on some yellow ninjago eyes (googled the image, increased the size and the printed off the result) and wrapped it in green crepe paper.  The headpiece is some cardboard covered in tinfoil.

Let's face it though, Max's birthday was made as soon as he got this enormous pile of Lego!

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