Friday, 23 September 2011

And lo she walks!

Penelope has finally started walking.  OK she's 17 months now, so she clearly wasn't in much of rush.  Mind you I don't know why we're always in such a rush to get them to walk - as one of my friends said you spend two years desperate for them to walk and talk and then you spend the next sixteen telling them to sit down and shut up!  

If you think about it you spend much longer walking (generally) than not so who can blame her for wanting to be carried for a few extra months, while she's still cute enough to get away with it!

It got me thinking about some of the differences between Max and Penelope.  It seems strange to think they were both "cooked" in the same place (!) but they are quite different:

Max - 10 and a half months; Penelope - never!

Bottom shuffling:
Max - never; Penelope - 1 year

Max - 13 months; Penelope - 17 months

First tooth:
Max - 5 months; Penelope - 10 months.  By the time Max was 17 months (as Penelope is now) he had practically a full set of teeth (16), whereas Penelope currently only has 8.

Max - about 16 months; Penelope - 10 months

Sleeping through:
Max - a tad shy of 9 months; Penelope - 6 and a half weeks!  And yes I do mean weeks!!

In some ways though they are similar.  They both smiled at around 5 weeks and sat at 6 months. 

And sometimes scarily similar - when Max was cutting his first teeth, he cut the bottom middle two first and then the outside top two next.  There was a period of about 6 weeks where Max looked like a vampire.  Penelope cut the regulation bottom two first and then went and did exactly the same and looked like a vampire for three months!  Who knew it was possible to give birth to two vampire babies??!!

Yay - well done baby girl!  Or maybe, in a couple of weeks, not-so-yay when I am chasing you everywhere.  Anyway Penelope, Mummy is very proud of you xx

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  1. Aww, well done Penelope! Maddy was walking at 6 months holding a hand/finger, but didn't let go til 13 months! I totally agree with you, why are we in such a rush for all these "firsts" to happen? Enjoy the moments, they'll be over way too soon I suspect.