Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Last weekend I went on a spa weekend with 5 other members of the MM.  We went to Shrigley Hall near Macclesfield.  We had a great time and the package generally represented good value for money.  The thing that let Shrigley Hall down was the service we received.  Nothing major but just a series of little things that left you wondering why such a lovely hotel couldn't get them right.  I felt compelled to write a review on TripAdvisor.  Nice to know that the hotel monitors the reviews.

It's a far cry from the excellent service that Paul and I experienced when we went to Menorca last year with both the children.  Penelope was about 5 months and Max was a 3 and a bit.  Having had one of our bags delayed, Max then got chickenpox the day before we were due to fly home which meant that he couldn't!  Paul and Max got their first "boys' holiday" and Penelope and I flew home on our own.  The hotel was great while Paul stayed there the extra days, the holiday rep was fab and everyone was very kind and helpful to me travelling home on my own with a small baby.

It's very easy to complain about poor service but fewer people take the time to compliment good service.  After Menorca I took the time to write to the holiday company to praise the rep for her help.  Recently after a minor issue with an order from John Lewis I got great customer service from them and complimented the person I dealt with there too.  Let's celebrate the good and focus less on the bad - it might just cheer us all up!

Anyway, suffice to say the less than perfect service at Shrigley Hall has not put us off having another MM spa weekend next year.  I am already trawling the web to find a venue!!

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