Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Sometimes I feel like I do every job I have badly - bad mother, bad wife, bad lawyer.  I feel bad that Max has to go to after-school club even though it's only two days a week (thank you V for meaning it doesn't have to be three!), that Paul has me moaning about everything and about how he doesn't help enough when really he does plenty and that everything at work is so rushed, because I have to leave to pick up the kids.

I must try and remember that plenty of people are worse off than I am and that plenty of children go to after school club more than twice a week, that I have a husband that puts up with my bitchiness and that I have a job that I (sometimes) enjoy.

Here's some pics of the squidlets to remind me that they are fine.  Penelope enjoying some pizza..

Max dressed as a pirate..

I could go to my grave knowing I've been a bad lawyer but a bad wife and mother?  I don't think so. 

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