Friday, 25 November 2011

Putting on the Ritz

Mum was a moderately special number last month (sssh, say it quietly - one with a "5" at the end) and for her birthday I decided to treat us both to a day out in London.  Before Max was born Mum and I would go to London semi-regularly to do some shopping/sight-seeing and then to see a show - we're both fans of musicals!

Having seen most of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musicals, plus the other major ones (Les Mis etc) I opted for "Wicked".  At the time I booked it I had no idea whether Mum wanted to see it but I did!!  We weren't disappointed - fantastic staging, great story, an amazing cast and brilliant songs.  When Rachel Tucker (as Elphaba) sang "Defying Gravity" at the end of the first Act, it was incredible.

Before we went to see the show, we had afternoon tea at the Ritz.  It was everything I thought it would be - civilised, genteel and with plenty of cake!  After the finger sandwiches, we had a little pot of apple crumble, followed by raisin and plain scones, mini pastries and then (as if we hadn't already eaten enough!) the cake trolley came round!!  Here's a couple of pics

And here's the cake that I couldn't quite finish!

Of course a visit to London wouldn't have been complete for me without a visit to the new Coach shop on New Bond Street.  I was under strict instructions from Paul not to buy a bag.  I did manage to resist that temptation but didn't resist shopping there entirely!  Sunglasses and leather gloves were purchased, thus ensuring I am now covered for every eventuality that the weather seems to throw at us at the moment. 

Now I just need the weather to be sunny enough to wear them!!

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