Monday, 5 December 2011

An excess of advent

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?  At the moment we have five advent calendars on the go:


A chocolate one from her great-auntie.  It only took her until 2 December to work out that chocolate came out of the calendar each morning and I now get pointing at the calendar coupled with "more"


A chocolate one from his great-auntie.  Max is slightly disappointed that Penelope gets to eat her own advent chocolate this year.

A Lego one from me and Paul.  He has come to terms with the fact that he couldn't open every door and build everything immediately upon receipt.  

For all of us

Every year the German markets come to Manchester.  You know Christmas is on its way when they start putting up the stalls.  I bought an advent tree from one of the stalls this year.  I am assuming that the way it works is that you add a new decoration each day, but it didn't come with any instructions.  Needless to say Max has co-opted this as his own and is in charge of putting on the daily decoration.  When Penelope is old enough I can see I am going to have to enforce a strict alternate days rule.

And me

I have what I laughingly call my "diet" calendar.  I like an advent calendar with pictures.  One year I had a calendar with the most random set of pictures (including a elephant with a sprig of holly!) and every year I hope the experience will be repeated.  Sadly I appear to have a generic angels and shepherds one this year.  Max also gets to open my calendar but only once he has given me a kiss and cuddle!

So essentially Penelope has one and Max has four.  More is definitely more when it comes to advent!!

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