Friday, 8 July 2011

Are you having another?

Having had two children, and only recently having returned to work after the second lot of maternity leave, one of the questions I seem to get asked a lot is "are you having any more children?".

It seems to be once you get to a certain age people in general think it is acceptable to ask you when you are having children.  The first time I was asked I think the Hubby and I had been married for all of about 4 hours - I kid you not!  At Father-in-law's 60th birthday party, a perfect stranger told me that we really ought to get on with it.  At this stage I was, I hasten to add, all of the ripe old age of 31.  Clearly my biological clock must have been ticking loud enough for everyone else to hear.... We were simply waiting until we were as financially and emotionally ready as we could be.  Having said that there are still days when I do not feel old enough to be a mum!

Anyway the new topic of choice is whether I will have a third.  Having been blessed with one of each, the general assumption is that I probably wouldn't need to.  And my head says the same thing.  Both the Hubby and I are one of two and I'd always kind of assumed that I would just have two children.  My heart however has a slightly different take on the matter and whilst I am not intending to go through it again I wouldn't want to do anything permanent about it.  The thought of not being pregnant and having a tiny baby again is quite sad, and this is said by someone who did not have an easy second pregnancy at all!

So no, for the time being I have no plans for another, I shall just enjoy my new nephew, my other nephew who's due to arrive shortly and various friends' small babies safe in the knowledge that they can be returned to the appropriate parent and I can then enjoy my two beautiful healthy babies.

Now if the question was "are you having another handbag?" that would be a different matter entirely!

And because, as Jo would say, no post is complete without a photo, my furry baby Daisy relaxing in the sun x

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