Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Slimmer World??

I've been "doing" Slimming World since January, inspired by my friend J who has lost about 7 stone doing it and started her own group.  I did the other one (y'know WW) before I had Max and lost 24 pounds.  Two children later and that 24 pounds has been put back on with some more to up the overall weight loss required to 2 and a half stone :(.  Since January I've lost 19 pounds so only another 16 to go....  

Every week I go and get weighed and I need the knowledge I will get weighed by someone else to stick to the eating plan.  To be honest it doesn't feel to much like a diet which is the beauty of it as you can eat as much "free" food as you like.  Brilliant for someone who has portion control issues - Paul (see not Hubby - happy now dad??) can't understand how I can get away with eating so much food but it's all about eating the right food.  

A few people have commented in my weight loss so far (including our neighbour A who says even her husband S has noticed "so I must have lost a lot for him to notice"!) which is good for giving you a boost and keeping you on track.

I fear though that I have reached the mid-diet rut where it all seems too much like hard work and biscuits call me at every available opportunity.  I need to get my groove back on and push forward.  It's been difficult of late as the end of June/beginning of July is known as "party season" around here - we end up with about 5 or so birthday parties and, along with a long overdue Mothers' Mafia night out (wine tasting and pottery painting at Coffee Au Clay), the diet has been put on hold for a couple of weeks.  

There is however a pair of "pre-Max" jeans that I want to get back into - they're those kind of jeans that make you feel good just wearing them.  I spent a small fortune on them and once memorably told Paul that "I'd marry these jeans if I could"!  So must keep to the diet if I want to get back into them and then think about something to reward myself with when I reach target.  Last time it was a Coach bag and I'm thinking if I did that last time then I must do the same this time - now what bag shall I go for this time??

And just because most of the posts seem to have been about Max, here's a picture of my beautiful Penelope

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