Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A new career?

From time to time I contemplate the fates that led me to become a solicitor.  Frankly at the root of it all I blame "LA Law".  Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin made law look so glamorous and exciting, when the reality is that it is neither most all of the time.  As I was finishing my GCSEs, law, accountancy or teaching seemed the way forward.  Teaching was quickly scrubbed - not enough money to fulfil a handbag obsession and not enough patience to deal with kids.  I'm not entirely sure why accountancy moved off the agenda.  So a law degree it was, after making sure it didn't entirely bore the pants off me by doing an AS Level in law first.

So a law degree ensued with enough options to keep my career aspirations open, including a semester of revenue law - perhaps accountancy hadn't left me entirely!  This was followed by the Legal Practice Course, a training contract and then qualification.  And that was nearly 12 years ago.  Technically though when you consider my two lots of maternity leave, I've actually worked for less than 10 of them.

Whilst on each lot of maternity leave, both my friends and I have tried to come up with alternative careers, completely unsuccessfully!  Whilst on mat leave with Max, the wedding dress shop in the village was for sale - hmm could I make that a career?  I could take Max to work and he could crawl about amongst the wedding dresses all day?  Maybe not, I'm not sure prospective brides wouldn't appreciate trying on dresses with chocolate handprints all over the bottom.  Whist on maternity leave with Penelope, the soft play centre down the road closed.  We were all gutted as it was the nicest one in the local area.  So perhaps we could all club together and buy that?  Maybe not as the rent apparently was extortionately high.  

After making Penelope's and then Max's birthday cakes, my sister-in-law C suggested that I start a new business "Cook's Cakes"

The only problem is that each one takes me so long I would have to charge a fortune!!

Ultimately I have yet to find a job that will pay me as much as mine currently does for doing 3 days a week.  That's the problem with being a solicitor - you get sucked in with the salary and then find it hard to leave as you get used to a standard of living.  I'd like to think I could live without shopping/far flung holidays but the materialistic side of me knows that I'm not quite ready to yet.  Mind you I'm still working on Hubby to let me give up work entirely, maybe once Penelope has reached school age he might have given in!

On the plus side, it appears the premises for the soft play centre have now been let, fingers crossed it's a new decent soft play place and not a furniture showroom!

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