Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sure enough...

It was Max's graduation at pre-school today and sure enough when it came to singing the graduation song (that he had been singing for weeks in the back of the car) he remained completely and utterly mute.  I think the whole thing was quite overwhelming for him - it must be quite an ordeal when you're only just 4 coming into a room full of adults, all of whom are staring at you, and then having to perform.  When it came to handing out the certificates and gift (a very handy copy of "Topsy and Tim go to school") Max was the only child that refused to get up and collect them - instead he made the pre-school teacher come to him!

Here he is in his cap and gown, just think how I'll be able to embarrass him with it when he's 18 

On and on a final note I have been told off by my dad (via my mum of course!) who has said I shouldn't refer to my hubby as "Hubby" so, being the dutiful daughter (!) I'll make sure Hubby has a name in future posts!!

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